Nov 9, 2008

TVXQ! "Rising Gods from the East"

Tong Vfang Xien Qi popularly known as TVXQ! is South Korea’s pride. Known to countries in Asia like Japan, Singapore, China, Taiwan and Thailand to name a few, this quintet boy band rocks the house on every concert and shows that they’re in. This popular boy group in Asia is called in many names, TVXQ! for its Chinese name, Dong Bang Shin Ki o r Dong Bang Shin Gi DBSK/DBSG in Korea and Tōhōshinki in Japan. Their name simply means the "Rising Gods from the East". Let’s name the members one by one:

1. Kim Junsu
aka Xiah

Started his first audition at the age of 12, his good voice and antics sure is noticeable but changes in his voice in adolescent period made him stop his singing career and continue after 6 years of passing the period. His stage name, “Xiah”, is his personal choice. According to him, it’s a shortened form of the word “Asia”.

2. Jung Yunho aka U-know

Known as the leading of the group, he got his spot because of a dance competition placing him on the number one spot. He became a backup dancer for several shows and concerts but soon made his name on stage. His stage name “U-know” also came from his name Yunho, pronounced as “you know” in English.

3. Kim Jaejoong aka Hero

Become where he is right now was never been easy. Leaving the comforts of his own home in Chungnam, he experienced poverty and hardships. Unlike others who chose their own screen names, the name “Hero” was given by his manager aiming to become a hero for the music industry.

4. Shim Changmin aka Max

Youngest and tallest among all the members, his powerful impressed the judges. He also studied at one of the top universities in Korea. With brains and looks, he was named “Max” meaning “the best” and “most powerful”.

5. Park Yoochun aka Mickey

The member who joined the group a year later after it debut. Mickey grew up in Seoul but immigrated to the United States but got divorced due to financial matters when he was just around 13 years old. He gave up his American citizenship due to work related schedule going to-and-fro the US.

Their debut started along side with BoA during her concert on December 2003. Soon afterwards they expanded their career in Japan where they ranked #1 on hit charts. The demand was more than what producers expected releasing the album to foreign countries last year. Their career is not just about singing. The group also acted in a theatrical drama entitled “VACATION” and their success continues. Of course just like any other celebrities, they also faced and continue to face issues after issues. Being a celebrity is not easy. Scandals also happen including adoptive issues, anti-fan incidents and even the group’s winnings in some major awards. But, never did it became a hindrance to the groups success.

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