Nov 18, 2008

The Face Shop: Proudly Korean

There are a lot of cosmetic products out there from cheap to designer brands. You choose! Depending on what your wallet can afford. But, aside from the quality, brand, and color how do you choose your make up? Nowadays, cosmetic lovers are not just looking for how good the colors are, but more of how natural they can look. Ingredients are more likely to consider than just mere brand. Some would go for mineral make ups while other would go for organic. That’s when “The Face Shop” steps in.

The Face Shop, the number one selling cosmetic in Korea, all started by the year 1962 as a wholesale cosmetic manufacturer. But, its growth spread rapidly across Asia and the US in 2005. The current primary spokesperson for The Face Shop is Bae Yong Joon replacing Kwon Sang Woo as he tied the knot last September.

What makes The Face Shop stand among the rest? What else, but its natural story. As their website says, “We believe there is natural beauty in everyone”. The Face Shop is all about natural extracts and free of harmful chemicals. They stand for environmental responsibility and no to animal testing.

The Face Shop’s product line includes skincare, bath & body, men, babies and cosmetics at reasonable prices, affordable even for teens and young adults. As a customer becomes aware of how important well being is, The face shop will continue to grow. You can visit their site at: and choose your country to better serve you.

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