May 19, 2013

Vank 6th Global Korean History Dimplomat Orientation!

Hello! I was chosen as Vank 6th Global Korean History Diplomat! So I attended the orientation to learn about activities as a Global Korean History Diplomat and the facts about Dokdo and East Sea that are falsely represented by Japan.

First of all, I'd like to introduce "VANK", which is a cyber diplomatic organization that gave me an opportunity to work as a Global Korean History Diplomat.
VANK (Voluntary Agency Network of Korea) is a cyber diplomatic organization which started in 1999 when a young man exchanged an e-mail with a foreign friend. He was shocked that his foreign friend knew very little about Korea or possessed incorrect information about Korea. He started to dream that if one Korean had 5 foreign friends and was able to teach them correct information about Korea, one day, 6 billion friends around the world would have a holistic understanding of Korea. Thus Korea would be able to be a “friend” of the world, after creating close relationships with other countries. Now, there are 70,000 VANK members who have the same dream of becoming cyber diplomats to let the world know about Korea and carry the vision of ‘Korea, as being the hub of Asia and gateway to Northeast Asia; along with being a country which shares its dream, friendship and business with all people around the world.’ They spare no effort in realizing this vision by helping the world get to know Korea on the Internet as cyber diplomats.

I heard from a wide array of speakers from the Vank and the Northeast Asian History Foundation. It reminded me the activities that I introduced to my foreign friends and visitors of my blog about Korean culture, history and useful tips when I was a middle school and high school student.

The orientation was mainly focused on Dokdo and East Sea. Let me introduce about Dokdo briefly.
"Dokdo". An island at the eastern end of Korea. It is close to another Korean island, Ulleungdo. Korea has been legitimately exercising its sovereignty over Dokdo. Korean police and military personnel protect the airspace and waters around Dokdo. Korean national laws are being enforced on Dokdo and under international law, Dokdo undoubtedly belongs to Korea. However, Japan is claiming sovereignty over Dokdo.  - May we speak?
I, as a global Korean History Diplomat, will introduce and let you know about true history about Korea especially about Dokdo and Korean fabulous tourist destination. :) Vank and the Northeast Asian History Foundation prepared some great Korea promotional items! I would like to give these items to my foreign friends and people who want to know deeply about Korean culture and History.
Lastly, I exchanged a paper plane with 'Dohyun Cha'. He/She wants to be a historian. I wish his/her dream comes true. :)
I will do my best to be a Global Korean History Diplomat. Wish me luck!

Mar 31, 2010

Hello :)

Hi. I am Jinyoung.
First, Thanks for visiting my blog.I entered University on March. :) ..
My major is English Interpretation and Translation. I am happy to enter the university. I am going to post More More detail story about my lovely country KOREA :)
Oh, If you have question or something else, you can send me an Email.
(I also want to make friends too :)
My email Address is

Aug 14, 2009

Beutiful Seoul: Cheonggye stream, Samcheong-dong and Insa-dong

Let me introduce Beautiful Seoul!
I went Cheonggye stream , Samcheong dong and Insa dong with my friend.
1. Samcheong Dong
I was really really surprised when I visited Samcheong dong.
If you want to visit Beautiful Cafe or restaurant, GO to Samcheong dong.
You can see the picture of Samcheong dong below. There are lots of cafe like this picture in Samcheong dong. Also There's Beautiful street in there too.

2. Insadong

If you want to buy Korean Stuff or special items, Visit Insadong in Seoul. There's lots of sight in there. Third picture of Insadong is Bean jam burn in the shape of korean famous character 'ddalki' (ddaliki means strawberry in Korea.) In last picture, My friend and I took a picture with Character 'Ddalki'. I Love that character! Isn't it cute ? It's also delicious. You can eat turkish icecream and many kinds of Korean traditional food. And there are many performance for visitors in insadong. You can enjoy Korean culture walking through the insadong street!
3. Cheonggye Stream

Cheonggye stream is represented of Seoul stream. It's really cool when you walk with your family or friends at night. There are beautiful lights both side of stream. Sometimes, They open some light shows or performance in stream. So many people love to visit cheonggye stream. When I visit Cheonggye stream with my friend at night, There's big light show. So I enjoyed very much in Cheonggye stream. Stream is clean and cool. I also post vod of Cheonggye stream. Enjoy it! And These picture are me and my friend.

Enjoy Seoul trip! If you have questions about Seoul trip , Leave a comment ~

Gando, lost territory of Korea

Background Song is 'Arirang' which is Korean traditional song.
Gando is KOREAN territory. This movie explain real story about Gando.

The truths beneath Gando conflict

Aug 4, 2009

Incheon Airport cosmetic shops!

I got some mails asking for incheon airport cosmetic shops. They want to know about price, scale of shops. I'm very surprised that many foriegn people interest in korean cosmetic shops.
I want to tell you more detail information about these shops.
There are Etude house, Missha, The face shop and Vov. I called Etude house shop assistan in Incheon airport asking for question! :)
I will tell you all more detail informaion about cosmetic shops.
- Korean cosmetic shops are cheaper than overseas branch.
If you buy korean cosmetic items in Korea umm.. You are lucky for buying at gooood price!
- There are many shops in Incheon airport. You can enjoy anywhere in departure hall, arrival hall and duty free place.
If you want more and more information you should call under phone numbers.
Enjoy shopping in Incheon Airport :)
I'd have a comment :)

There are 3 shops of Etude house.

* Hours of operation : 07:00~21:00
location : (public area) 3F, near check in counter G
tel : 82-32-743-2329

* Hours of operation : 07:00~21:00
location: (public area) 1F, Next exit 10
tel: 82-32-743-2327

* there is also duty free shop in incheon airport.

2. Missha
there are three missha shops in Incheon airport.

* hours of operation : 07:00~ 21:00
location: (public area) 3F, near check in counter G
tel: 82-32-743-2331

* hours of operation : 07:00~ 21:00
location : (public area) 1F, Near arrival hall 1
tell : 82-32-743-8286

* There is also duty free shop in Incheon airport.

3. Vov

items : lip gloss, Eye shadow, Mascara, Blusher
location : (public area) 3F, Near check in counter F
Hours of operation : 07:00~21:00
Tel : 82-32-743-1532
+ It's also have duty free shop!

4. The face shop

Hours of Operation : 07:00~ 21:00
Location : (public Area) 3F, Near check in Counter F
Tel : 82-32-743-4790
+ It's also in duty free shop.

Jul 29, 2009

Incheon airport: Best airport in the world

Incheon international airport has been rated 1st in airport quality service four consecutive years. Incheon airport is largest and busiest airport in Asia. It located in Yeongjong-do ,Incheon.
The main passenger terminal is the fifth largest in the world. It's clean and comfortable place for every passenger.

<- Outside of airport. It looks like ..UFO!!

<- Isn't it nice? Inside of airport.

<- there's lot of shopping center in Incheon airport


1. Using internet in incheon airport
Information and communication center on 2nd floor in airport, you can use internet!

2. Massaging before departuring
There are foot massage shop and sports massaging shop in Incheon airport.

3. You can charging your mobile phone battery.
It's on 3rd floor B, L counter.

4. There is baby rest room in airport.
Baby can change diaper in here.

5. There is interchange hotel for passenger.

Shopping in Incheon airport! ( cosmetics and perfumes)

1. AK duty free !

item : cosmetics and perfumes

hours of operation : 07:00 ~ 21:30

location: (duty free area ) 3F , enterance of departure store hall 1 , near gate 9 , near gate 12

2. The shilla duty free

items: perfume, cosmetic , apparel, leather goods, accessories, sunglasses, amethyst

hours of operation : 07:00~ 21:30

location: (duty free area) 3F, near departure hall 3, near gate 27, near gate 47, near gate 50

There are also 'The face shop' , 'Vov', 'Missha', 'Etude house' too.
You can enjoy cosmetic shopping!

Airport attraction!

1. Korean culture museum

2. Gardens

3. Food court

Enjoying your trip in Incheon airport