Nov 7, 2008

Jung Ji-hoon aka Rain: “Justin Timberlake of Asia”

Jung Ji-hoon Known as “Rain” a pan-Asian superstar dominates charts throughout East and Southeast Asia made another successful achievement as he stars in a Hollywood film “Speed Racer”. An artist that has it all – singer dancer, model and actor. He truly deserves to be one of the most influential people as he hits The 2008 TIME 100 Finalists. Let’s dig a bit further to his early life and achievements.

Rain, a proud Korea, was born in Seoul, South Korea on June 25, 1982. He showed interest in R&B and Hiphop dancing as early as 6th grade. He became a member of short-lived boy band, Fanclub, when he started to audition for talent agencies. It was never been easy for him because of his looks. Agencies at that time were eyeing on talents with “double eyelids”, which of course, Rain doesn’t have. His perseverance and efforts resulted in capturing the attention of Park Jin Young, CEO of JYP Entertainment, a talent agency in Korea.

He started as a backup dancer and got his debut album called “Bad Guy” on 2002. It was a hit! Right after his first album, he starred at a drama series, Sang Doo! Let's Go To School. Hit after hit happened afterwards, as a singer with his hit “Ways to Avoid the Sun." (Click the link to see video) and as an actor for the successful drama “Full house”. Rain got much recognition when he won the MTV Asia Grand Slam in 2004.

For now, Rain’s success in the US is limited. But a recording duet with popular hip-hop singer, Omarion may come in the future. Fame and success doesn’t come clean controversies and issues goes side-by-side. There are legal troubles by the name “Rain” itself in the US, one of the major hindrances. Some are about financial disputes and unresolved issues up until now involving his handlers and promoters.

Despite of it all, Rain still stands still and will continue to be one of the nation’s best pop star!

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