Nov 19, 2008

Get Teens to Fashion! Missha Cosmetics

Why experiment on expensive cosmetic brands if you can have Missha? For me, or I guess most teens would go for Missha. It’s one of the hottest cosmetic products for teens at low prices. Easy on the pocket! For someone who is new in make up and would like to test colors or just use it for fun, then this is the right brand for you.

Well, I’m not that much into make up. I’m still in high school, for crying out loud!! But, this will be the first cosmetic that I will try on if I decide to buy a lipstick (not the burning red of passion, of course!) with a natural shade of color.

What’s hot with Missha products are their BB Creams. Well, for those who has no idea what I’m talking about it means Blemish Balm Cream. It’s a good foundation that helps regenerate skin. Why go for foundations that will make skin dry if you can have a healthy skin?

Missha flagship stores are everywhere. There are 250 stores across the globe in 30 countries and still counting. Just like The Face Shop, they also have variety of products for men, women, bath & body including cosmetics. You can go to their website at: for more product info and great promos.

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