Aug 4, 2009

Incheon Airport cosmetic shops!

I got some mails asking for incheon airport cosmetic shops. They want to know about price, scale of shops. I'm very surprised that many foriegn people interest in korean cosmetic shops.
I want to tell you more detail information about these shops.
There are Etude house, Missha, The face shop and Vov. I called Etude house shop assistan in Incheon airport asking for question! :)
I will tell you all more detail informaion about cosmetic shops.
- Korean cosmetic shops are cheaper than overseas branch.
If you buy korean cosmetic items in Korea umm.. You are lucky for buying at gooood price!
- There are many shops in Incheon airport. You can enjoy anywhere in departure hall, arrival hall and duty free place.
If you want more and more information you should call under phone numbers.
Enjoy shopping in Incheon Airport :)
I'd have a comment :)

There are 3 shops of Etude house.

* Hours of operation : 07:00~21:00
location : (public area) 3F, near check in counter G
tel : 82-32-743-2329

* Hours of operation : 07:00~21:00
location: (public area) 1F, Next exit 10
tel: 82-32-743-2327

* there is also duty free shop in incheon airport.

2. Missha
there are three missha shops in Incheon airport.

* hours of operation : 07:00~ 21:00
location: (public area) 3F, near check in counter G
tel: 82-32-743-2331

* hours of operation : 07:00~ 21:00
location : (public area) 1F, Near arrival hall 1
tell : 82-32-743-8286

* There is also duty free shop in Incheon airport.

3. Vov

items : lip gloss, Eye shadow, Mascara, Blusher
location : (public area) 3F, Near check in counter F
Hours of operation : 07:00~21:00
Tel : 82-32-743-1532
+ It's also have duty free shop!

4. The face shop

Hours of Operation : 07:00~ 21:00
Location : (public Area) 3F, Near check in Counter F
Tel : 82-32-743-4790
+ It's also in duty free shop.


Anonymous said...

HI! I am so gald to have found your website, you have provdied exceptional info on Korean makeup skincare info. I was curious, how is the price in the airport, are they all the same. and also I heard Korean cosmetic stores are well known for giving away tons of smaples, do they do that in the airport as well. I will be making a connection flight at the airport. and I am sure I will be buying everything, thank you very much for your help in advance.


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much this was really helpful!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much !
I was actually wondering if there was an etude house in Incheon, because I asked my bf to buy me some products before going back home :)

Anonymous said...

excuse me but I want to ask if Etude house,missha... Are all free tax or not there. Please answer, thanks. So excited, I'll go there in August

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