Aug 14, 2009

Gando, lost territory of Korea

Background Song is 'Arirang' which is Korean traditional song.
Gando is KOREAN territory. This movie explain real story about Gando.


Anonymous said...

Gando is not korea's territory! If it is anyone's territory it is the Manchurians. Are Koreans claiming Manchurians are koreans? Then koreans are Chinese too.

Jinyoung Huh said...

NO YOU ARE WRONG. Korean are not CHINESE!!!!!!!!! And, Gando is definately Korean territory. You dont know much about our land. you are wrong.

Anonymous said...

UM even if you say that Jian Dao is Korean... it is under Chinese administration right now. Just like how Manchuria is in China...And half of Mt. Baekdu is in China.

In the end, every country has lost some "land" and territory. Misplaced nationalism won't help that much.