Aug 14, 2009

Beutiful Seoul: Cheonggye stream, Samcheong-dong and Insa-dong

Let me introduce Beautiful Seoul!
I went Cheonggye stream , Samcheong dong and Insa dong with my friend.
1. Samcheong Dong
I was really really surprised when I visited Samcheong dong.
If you want to visit Beautiful Cafe or restaurant, GO to Samcheong dong.
You can see the picture of Samcheong dong below. There are lots of cafe like this picture in Samcheong dong. Also There's Beautiful street in there too.

2. Insadong

If you want to buy Korean Stuff or special items, Visit Insadong in Seoul. There's lots of sight in there. Third picture of Insadong is Bean jam burn in the shape of korean famous character 'ddalki' (ddaliki means strawberry in Korea.) In last picture, My friend and I took a picture with Character 'Ddalki'. I Love that character! Isn't it cute ? It's also delicious. You can eat turkish icecream and many kinds of Korean traditional food. And there are many performance for visitors in insadong. You can enjoy Korean culture walking through the insadong street!
3. Cheonggye Stream

Cheonggye stream is represented of Seoul stream. It's really cool when you walk with your family or friends at night. There are beautiful lights both side of stream. Sometimes, They open some light shows or performance in stream. So many people love to visit cheonggye stream. When I visit Cheonggye stream with my friend at night, There's big light show. So I enjoyed very much in Cheonggye stream. Stream is clean and cool. I also post vod of Cheonggye stream. Enjoy it! And These picture are me and my friend.

Enjoy Seoul trip! If you have questions about Seoul trip , Leave a comment ~

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