Jul 28, 2009


Taxi is representative transportation in Korea. You can take a taxi if you want comfortable to drive to your destination. There are two types of taxi in Korea. One is ordinary taxi and the other is model taxi. Model taxi is black one which is bigger than ordinary taxi and little more expensive. Most people take an ordinary taxi.

these are Korean taxies. Left is ordinary taxi and right is model taxi.

Charsing of taxi is determined by two factors. First distance based if taxi move normal speed , second is based on traffic jam. It can take more money. It's calculated by electronic meter calculator.
AND! one of the merit of Korean taxi is cheap! You can enjoy comfortable driving.
Also You can go anywhere in Korea ( not too far ) with taxi! There is GPS navigation in every taxi. so it will introduce the way for you and taxi driver. It's most advanced computerlized system in Korea.

Seoul city provide international taxi service for foreign traveler! International taxi offers the most convenient service to foreign visitors. Taxi driver can speak fluent in foreign language . and you can pay easier than normal taxi in Korea. This taxi accept various credit card ( Visa, Master, JCB, Amex ) and T-money.
how to use international taxi in seoul ?
-> Reservation should be made by phone ( 82-1644-2255) or on the international Taxi webpage.
Consultant offer service 24hours/365days in English and Japenese by phone.
You can visit http://www.intltaxi.co.kr/ for getting more information.
<- medium international taxi <- luxury international taxi <- Large internatioanl taxi
<- international taxi driver

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