Jun 5, 2009

Seoul zoo : The greatest sanctuary of natural education

I went Seoul zoo in Gwachun , kyunggi -do on may 22th. Our school 3rd grader went Seoul zoo for taking graduation picture. Seoul zoo is established in 1984. It is the biggest zoo in Korea. It has about 77 species of animals. Zoo holds a variety of events such as Flamingo Show, Dolphin Show etc. Now, I will tell you about looking around Seoul zoo in Korea.

First , these pictures are Elephant train in Seoul zoo and ticket. You can take this train for going to entrance of zoo or there is also lift too. ( But, Elephant train is much cheaper. )

You can see the enterance of Seoul zoo after getting down from elephant train. You can see big tiger in front of enterance.

Now, you can go inside Seoul zoo. It's the map of Seoul zoo. You can reference this map.

( It's English map of Seoul zoo )

There are many variety anmial shows in Seoul zoo. The dolphine show which you can see dolphins slicing through the water. The seal show that you can see the cute charms of seal . And the flamingo show that beautiful flamingo dance in groups. It's so gorgeous show. You can't miss it.

One more tip! In Seoul zoo, there is great Forest bathing park. I walked there with my friends almost 30 minutes. It's really cool and fresh. You can breath fresh air as much as you can.

You can meet cute little squirrel in there too.

Also you can see a variety statue in here. This picture is one of the beautiful statue.
You can take many pictures with variety statue.

There are lots of event in Seoul zoo. So, if you want to know about event or more about seoul zoo, you can reference under site.
It will give you useful information about Seoul zoo.

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