Apr 11, 2009

Korean high school uniform

Every Korean high school students wear school uniform. School uniforms are symbol of schools and improve academic performance and student attitudes. Many countries include Korea wear school uniform. But Korean School uniforms are very creative and personality.

History of Korean uniform

History of Korean uniform made in when first western style school built in Korea.
In 1886, Mary F. Scranton built Ewha school and made new cloth for 4 students in Ewha school. New cloth was red. but it changed into white blouse and black skirt.
In Japanese colonialists between 1910 and 1945, Wearing school uniform is generalized. Girls wear working pants and blouse. Boys wear khaki color uniform.
But Latest korean school uniforms are very fashionable. Also some schools make Korean traditional cloth as school uniform.

Effect of Korean school uniform

School uniform have many positive effects. Students behave better when they are dressed alike. Then they fight less and focus on their school work more. Also uniforms instill a sense of community within the school.Teenagers spend a lot of money in buying cloth. School uniform can limit their consuming. It is cheaper to implement uniforms because parents don't have to worry about "Back to school" shopping and having their kids want new clothes for school all the time.

But there are some side effect of school uniform too. First, School uniforms are standardized so it limits students personality. Express one's personality is one of the biggest desire. But school uniform restrict it. Second, uniforms are uncomfortable. Some countries students ( USA, Austrailia and etc..) are wearing normal T- shirts and pants for uniform. But in Korea, there's no comfortable uniform like that.

Korean school uniforms keep changing. Some schools make several style uniforms. For example, one of the Korean school made 4 kinds of uniforms. Students wear 2 kinds of summer clothes, one Safari style uniform and one winter cloth.
Comparing to old days, Korean school uniforms pursue student's own personality. So they are very stylish. It's one of the korean students culture and proud of their school life.

korean traditional cloth style school uniform.

↑ normal style of school uniform ( It's my high school uniform. Suwon Kwonsun high school)

<- new style of uniforms.


Anonymous said...

The new style school uniforms look so much better.

keiza said...

In my country (Indonesia), we are using uniform school, too. The purpose of wearing school uniforms is to eliminate the differences between the rich and the poor.

Yohana's said...

Hi Jinyoung :)
I found your blog and I really like it.
Thanks for this information. Because I was looking for some style of Koreans High School uniform and I found it on your blog :)

Jini said...

진영 언니! 이 블로그에 한국 교복에 대해서 넘 고마워~ 안그래도 학교에서 project 떼문에 필요했는데...^^

Anonymous said...

korean has really good taste when it comes to fashion that even in their school uniforms are still influenced by it.

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hai, I am from Indonesia.
black hanbok /durumagi school uniform ? ,.. in your picture, nice. where is it? what is name school ?
thanks. kuntara777@gmail.com

Tahsin Zahan said...

Hello I am from Bangladesh
Can't students (girls) wear a jeans 👖 with the skirts???