Nov 2, 2008

Regulation on Hairstyles in Korean High School!

Our school has regulations on hairstyles. It's 3cm under the ears length. How strict it is? But students have to observe it. Some schools are out of this regulation but some are not. Do you know why teachers make this strict regulation for students? They said, it influences students’ marks and their behavior. Good behavior and sound attitudes are the basis of being responsible. Talk and discussion alone are good but it cannot be acquire by them alone. Teaching and studying are insufficient for the inculcation of good habits and a sense of duty; in these matters practice, pride and correction are fundamental and, thus, the school operates a set of rules which all students are expected to adhere every day. So, In Korea, students have been in constant argument with teachers because of the regulations.

Hair restrictions, in particular, started in Japanese colonialists between 1910 and 1945. It's because school wants to restrict students from the freedom of making their own choices and according to the school’s management, no aspect of a student’s appearance should deliberately draw attention to him/herself. In 1982, many schools are considering the regulations in their own discretion while some others implement this strictly. So it's a very controversial problem and issue between students and teachers.

Personally, I want to have a long hair. What do you think about the hair restrictions in Korean school?


keiza said...

In my country Indonesia, male students are not allowed to wear long hair and body piercing.

liu_mokpo said...

are these regulations also applies to girls? O_O
in my high school before, only boys are required to follow the hairstyle regulations. that their hair must not touch the collar of their shirt.
but for girls, as long as its not dyed, everything is okay..

Jinyoung Huh said...

Yup. All students have to follow the school haircut regulations. It's so sad. But now, it's just special memory for me :)